Carlos V

The Ethical Toastmaster

Carlos Velazquez

Helen Keller reminds us that “the most pathetic person is someone who has sight but no vision.”  A vision that is built on ethics is of great value.  It is a position that should be adopted by all clubs as per the core values of Toastmasters.  Integrity is a core value we take to heart at Crystal City Evening Toastmasters in the manner in which we manage our meetings; support our members’ growth; and conduct our business. 

We work as a team to hold one another accountable and support each other to get things done.  This sense of support and flexibility is an important attribute to leadership. The longer we sustain our membership in Toastmasters the more such leadership skills become second nature.  Recently, I observed members quickly responding to a need to fill meeting gaps when a couple of our members were unable to fulfill their roles.  Their responsiveness was immediate and seamless so the meeting flowed beautifully.  This is great teamwork and demonstrates our capacity to get the job done beyond any challenges.

We also honor the system that was created to foster growth which means that we trust in one another and build self confidence in following the program that Toastmasters has built to master many communications and leadership skills.  Growth comes in many forms and for some members that means that they move towards becoming highly competent and professional speakers for others that may translate to organizing a special event such a club contest or summer picnic.  No matter the level of mastery, the level of effort is valued as members grow in their abilities.  Trust is an important part of that process.

At Crystal City Evening Toastmasters we demonstrate our trust in one another by being supportive in the evaluation process.  We take risks as speakers and leaders and we trust that fellow members will guide us through lessons learned and self-reflection.  Our ability to listen to feedback and to accept our room for improvement has much merit.  Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us that a great person is always willing to be little.  Such a person will stand tall in our club as we foster an environment where we can serve, learn and grow together. 

The ethical Toastmaster is one who adopts the value of integrity while following the formal and informal programs and practices of our club.  Ethical Toastmasters trust themselves and the contributions of their fellow members and wear their membership with pride as they advance their club’s capacity and of their own.