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I am so pleased to serve as the Vice President of Public Relations for CCET. This is my second year serving as VPPR for a club in District 27. I am committed to increasing the profile of our club as it is celebrating a year of recognition for its 25th anniversary. As part of that celebration, I will capture stories of success from members who have assumed leadership roles within the club and professionally. My hope is to recognize success, promote our club’s brand, and increase the digital footprint of CCET. I am a communications professional and I hope to bring my skills to support the club on many levels. As the President of HMA Associates, Inc. a boutique communications firm in Washington, DC, I work with a team of public relations and marketing professionals who elevate the brand identity and health marketing efforts of many entities. We are keenly adept at understanding the role of effective communications in our society. At Toastmasters our communications platforms are varied and we use our skills to engage audiences; establish meaningful relationships; and develop a sense of community. I am proud to serve as the VPPR of CCET.