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Visitors are welcome at the Crystal City Evening Toastmaster meetings, and we hope that you will take the time to attend one of our meetings.

What to expect

As a visitor to Crystal City Evening Toastmasters you can expect

  • To be welcomed and introduced to members of the Club
  • To introduce yourself
  • To be invited to participate but not feel obliged to
  • To experience a meeting in action

Most meetings consist of three Toastmasters delivering a prepared speech. Next Toastmasters participate in Table Topics, short extemporaneous speeches designed to improve impromptu speaking skills, then the speakers who gave prepared speeches will be evaluated, and finally we wrap up with club business.

What to bring

  • A pen. At Toastmasters we believe that we grow by receiving feedback directly from the audience. We provide the form, you provide the pen and your thoughts.


Crystal City Evening Toastmasters Meets at Aurora Hills Library:

735 18th St S, Arlington, VA 22202

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Transit access

If you plan on getting to meetings on transit, you will have several options.

  • It is a ten minute walk from the Crystal City Metro Station


Every member of Toastmasters was once a visitor, and we had lots of questions. So to help we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions–with answers of course.

And feel free to ask us a question or give us feedback. We look forward to hearing form you.